[Updated June 2018] Traffic Sources & Conversion Funnel Features

We’re excited to announce an update to our recent Traffic Sources & Conversion Funnel tracking tool!

This shiny new update can be found in the Analytics portion of the Cratejoy dashboard and will ultimately help merchants make better-informed business decisions for their subscription boxes.

Traffic Sources Cratejoy Update Feature

Web Traffic Sources

The recently-added Traffic Sources report, shown at the very top of the page in an easy-to-digest visual breakdown, allows merchants to delve into which channels are driving traffic to their storefront and marketing listing. Having this information will help merchants determine which marketing campaigns and channels are most effective in bringing new customers to their websites.

Quick Stats Users Will See

  • Find how many visitors have seen and purchased from your store or marketplace listing at a glance
  • Discover how much traffic you’re receiving from Social Media, Search, and Paid Advertising


The newly-added Conversion Funnel report lets merchants analyze their sales funnel and discover where visitors are dropping off before purchasing in four main areas:

  • Visiting the website (or Marketplace listing)
  • Entering the subscribe flow
  • Reaching the checkout page
  • Successfully making a purchase.

Cratejoy conversions

We’ve made it easy for merchants to access this data through their Cratejoy platform — no need for Google Analytics or advanced marketing knowledge. We’re excited to see how these tools help our merchants, and we look forward to adding more in the future!

Analysis you’ll be able to do:

  • Compare different social media channels against one another to discover which source is feeding you the highest quality traffic
  • Find exactly how many sales you’ve taken in

What Merchants are Saying

  • “To be able to isolate specific social media sites and see the traffic over time, and compare sites like Pinterest and YouTube is very useful”
  • “This is absolutely brilliant. The report has shown me were my traffic comes from; particularly the newly added ‘Traffic Source’ which has made me realise I need to focus on YouTube unboxing more than anything else”
  • “This is a GREAT addition…one of the many reasons I love the fact that I chose to go with Cratejoy as opposed to all the other platforms – thank you!”
  • “I really like breaking it down in the search and social media channels. We will find this very helpful when it comes to ROI on our marketing.”

For more information/FAQs on the Traffic Sources release, check out our help doc here.

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