Introducing the Preferred Seller Program

Cratejoy is excited to launch The Preferred Seller Program. This new and inspiring program celebrates and awards Cratejoy Sellers who exhibit exemplary customer service and marketplace listing quality.

At Cratejoy we understand a major appeal for new and returning customers is an impeccable customer experience. That’s why we take pride in our customer service and a compelling, high quality marketplace. To continue to drive conversion and sales through our marketplace, the Cratejoy Team aims to work alongside our Sellers to not only build that notoriety but maintain it, as well. That’s where accountability and recognition comes in.

As business owners and operators, you all know accountability is a cornerstone to successfully scale, adopt, and grow up and to the right. Accountability is an opportunity to set and measure goals to recognize and celebrate your accomplishments.

What are the Benefits of the Preferred Seller Program?

  • Preferred Seller Badge
    • Preferred Sellers earn a badge to be proudly displayed on their Marketplace listing. The esteemed badge is designed to represent their continued commitment to a stellar customer experience and listing quality.
  • Priority Placement
    • As a Preferred seller, your listing(s) receives eligibility for priority placement in its respective categories, as well as eligibility for priority placement in sales collections on the Cratejoy Marketplace.
  • Exclusive and Early Access
    • Preferred Sellers are given early access to exclusive, well-promoted Cratejoy sales and email marketing campaigns, as well as new features designed to optimize conversion and sales.
  • Dedicated Support
    • Dedicated account management support and personalized coordination with external PR or affiliate channels is provided to Preferred Sellers.

Preferred Seller Status Criteria

  • Shipping and Fulfillment Speed
    • To uphold stellar customer service, it’s imperative that shipping and fulfillment expectations are always met. Quick first shipment speed, free domestic shipping, and shipment tracking are all offered by Preferred Sellers.
  • Subscription Terms
    • Providing buyers with a variety of pre-paid subscription terms not only improves the customer experience, but also allows a longer customer lifetime value for your subscription box business; a cornerstone of Preferred Seller offerings.
  • Response Rate
    • Replying to all active buyer inquiries within a business day is essential in establishing a positive customer service that maintains happy customer retention. 
  • Listing Quality
    • Your Cratejoy listing is your virtual storefront, so it’s vital to make a compelling and lasting impression to convert shoppers and retain customers. Here is an example of successful business with a high quality listing
  • History of Selling
    • In order to apply a seller with the Preferred Status, a history of sales needs to be established. Once a seller has reached a minimum of 10 sales, they are eligible to be reviewed, based on the criteria above, for the Preferred Seller Program.

How To Become A Preferred Seller

This is the qualification criteria for Preferred Seller, based on the last 30 days of your listing data:

  • Shipping Speed: 90% of first Subscriptions are shipped within 1-5 business days of the order being placed.
  • Shipment Tracking: 90% of shipments include tracking numbers.
  • Free Domestic Shipping: All Preferred Sellers offer free domestic shipping for all of their products.
  • Prepaid Subscription Terms: All products offered by Preferred Sellers have 3 and 6-month prepaid subscription terms.
  • Customer Response Rate: 90% of customers’ first message in a thread receive a reply within 1 business day.
  • Listing Quality Score: All Preferred Sellers continually update and maintain high-quality listings. Here’s more information on our Listing Quality Guidelines.

Let Us Help You!

The Cratejoy Seller Success is here to help support in any way possible. Our goal is to guide you with the best practices to achieve and maintain Preferred Seller Status. From help articles to listing quality tips and tricks, we are here to every step of the way. 

Cratejoy’s Knowledge Base offers a variety of helpful topics to guide to Preferred Seller status. 

We’re excited to see what selling add ons on the Marketplace will do for your business!

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