3 Reasons to Sell Your Beauty Products With a Subscription Box

A woman sitting in front of a large mirror, holding a small mirror, putting on eye makeup.

A subscription box can help turn your one-time customers into loyal subscribers that buy from you each month. Here are 3 ways a subscription business can take your beauty business to the next level.

1. New Audiences – Develop Your Niche

The beauty of a subscription box is that it works exceptionally well with a niche audience. Do you offer certain products that cater to certain groups? Bundling those products into a subscription option is a great way of segmenting your market into more manageable chunks and reaching a passionate group of people that prefer to receive products regularly. Many of our Cratejoy merchants choose to use this strategy for their subscription box.

2. Start a Sampler

A subscription box is a great medium to allow people to sample your beauty products before they make a purchase. One of the biggest aspects of the diffusion of products is trialability – which gives consumers the ability to interact and try your product before committing to a purchase. With a sample subscription, you are able to capitalize on trialability by providing samples of your products, which familiarizes subscribers with your brand and brings in recurring revenue.

3. Predictability

People like what they’re used to. If you have loyal customers, don’t just bet on them coming back. With a subscription box, you can build a stronger relationship with interested customers by being in constant communication.

Having subscribers in addition to one-time customers also allows you to plan how your business will grow. You’ll know almost exactly how much demand you’ll have and how much money will be coming in and out.

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