We have been to the mountain top! We have seen the future!

The future is: Subscriptions.

We are the ambassadors of the subscription business. The forerunners of the recurring revolution. The vanguard of the membership uprising.

We love subscriptions in all their forms and have to tell the world.

We want to make subscriptions accessible in a way that they never have been before. Sure, that means that we have to build an unbelievable technology platform.

But that also means that we need to bring enlightenment to the world at large.

Luckily we're passionate subscription zealots who couldn't hide our excitement if we tried.

Subscriptions make better businesses. We believe that.

Subscription business owners know that next month's revenue will be great. Why? Because this month's revenue was great, and all those same customers are still subscribed.

Subscription business owners know exactly how much inventory they need. They don't have to guess three months out or risk backorders and unsold inventory.

Subscription business owners don't live in fear of the big boys or some upstart taking their business. They know that they have a happy, auto-renewing subscriber base that isn't going away overnight.

But here's the best part:

Subscriptions also make better customer experiences!

A subscription business owner makes their money by preventing customers from leaving. What's the only way to prevent customers from leaving? Improving customer experience. The subscription business model itself produces better customer experiences.

Business owners win. Customers win.

We believe that subscription business models are the best business models in the universe. Period.

To bring subscriptions to everyone on the planet we have to make them accessible. We're removing the road blocks that have prevented subscriptions from reaching the whole world. We are making the technology to start subscriptions awesome for founders. It's hard enough to start a new business. The last thing you need is technology problems.

We're making the only subscription platform built for every founder on earth:

  • Creative artist curators
  • Hoodie wearing startup nerds
  • Busy agency professionals
  • Passionate beginners with an idea and ...well an idea
  • Battle hardened e-commerce veterans

Accessibility isn't only about technology. Making it so that anyone with a great product can get subscribers is one of our biggest goals. Everything we do we do to make founders more money. From our customer acquisition focused features to our "we succeed if you succeed" pricing model. We've put our money where our mouth is.

But that's not all.

We are bringing subscriptions to consumers as well.

Cratejoy subscription stores give consumers great first experiences with subscription businesses. Consumers have complete control over their purchases. They never fall prey to unsavory business practices on Cratejoy. And they have a delightful shopping experience and are never left wondering when their products will arrive. Our new subscription marketplace makes it easy and fun to discover new subscriptions.

We're bringing subscriptions to planet earth. Please. Join us on our mission!

Alex and I have been working together for a long time.

We started and sold a company to Zynga together. We were both CTOs of different divisions in the same company. We’ve always loved building things together, and we are good at it. That was fun for a long time.

That wasn't enough.

The whole time we have been working together we have been waiting. Waiting to put a dent in the universe. We knew we were going to do something different.

Something important.

Something that mattered to people. We wanted to build something that helps people so much that... they can’t even imagine their life without it.

Not just any business. We get to help people start subscription businesses. The most powerful and sustainable business model in the universe. This business model is so powerful that once it has traction in a sector - every other way of selling becomes ludicrous. It's so powerful that it ruthlessly creates the best consumer experiences conceivable.

Best of all we get to help people build businesses that nobody can take from them.

We built Cratejoy for people like us. Cratejoy is for the dreamers. Cratejoy is for the ones who aren’t waiting for anyone’s permission, because they know it’s not coming.

You have permission. Now is your time. Cratejoy is for you.

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Thank you for letting us be a part of your story.

Amir Elaguizy Alex Morse

Amir Elaguizy

Amir Elaguizy

Co-Founder & CEO

Amir is a builder with a passion for quality. He has been building software for almost as long as he's been alive. Before founding Cratejoy he was founder and CTO of MarketZero (acquired by Zynga in 2011). At Zynga he worked as a game CTO helping to build the Zynga Poker and Zynga Bingo franchise. He's an alumni of Y Combinator. His hobbies include writing artificial intelligence software and running while sending e-mails.

Alex Morse

Alex Morse

Co-Founder & CTO

Alex was born to be the chief programmer at Cratejoy. If you left Alex on a desert island and came back in a year the natives would be designing websites on coconut computers and he'd be elected dictator for life. He was an Architect at MarketZero and then served as a game CTO at Zynga where he built the Zynga slots game. He's an alumni of Y Combinator. In his spare time he's a photographer, a gardener, and likes to drive obscenely small cars really fast.

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