How To Set Up a Payment Processor on Cratejoy

Why add a payment processor?

Once you set up an account with Cratejoy, we handle your subscriptions, but a payment processor handles your transactions so you can get paid. The payment processor accepts your customers’ payments from their credit/debit cards, so you can then transfer that money from your payment account to your own bank account.

Step 1: Set up an account with Stripe

Cratejoy supports Stripe for your payment processor. We love Stripe because it has low decline rates, works fantastically with recurring payments, and is easy to set up for both you and your customers.

Step 2: Link the payment processor to your Cratejoy account

Go to the Payment Processor tab in your account to add your processor. Click the logo for Stripe and you’ll be taken through the easy steps to link up your account to your Cratejoy store.


How should I choose a payment processor?
We recommend Stripe as the best payment processor for most merchants. However, there are a few special use cases you should consider.

  • Region: If your business is located outside the U.S., check to ensure that Stripe can accept and deposit payments in your preferred countries. (If you’re in one of the few countries that don’t take Stripe, check out Stripe Atlas.)
  • Business category: Payment processors have their own policies about the types of business or products they support on their business (e.g. some do not support merchants that sell weapons, alcohol, etc). Be sure to check Stripe’s terms and conditions to ensure your category of product is supported.

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