How Cratejoy’s Affiliate Program Works

Welcome to Cratejoy’s Affiliate Program Guide. In this guide we’ll be covering how Cratejoy’s Affiliate Program works and highlight some of the benefits to our Cratejoy Seller Community.

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Check out this brief explainer on how Cratejoy’s Affiliate Program works!

Overview of Affiliate Marketing

Think of affiliates as your own little PR and marketing machine! These are the content creators who are interested in or are already talking about your products. Cratejoy’s affiliates range from influencers and micro bloggers to major media publications and everything in between. They are individually vetted for relevant content when they apply to the program, and their performance is monitored regularly.

Affiliates join the Cratejoy program through the ShareASale platform, which also handles tracking and payment. Once they are approved into the Cratejoy program, affiliates have access to links, images, banners and more to help them create content around the Cratejoy brand and your products. When these links are shared on blogs, social media, videos and more, they generate clicks (traffic) and sales. 

As a “thank you” for sending sales to Cratejoy (and you!), these affiliates earn a small percentage of the sale amount — paid by Cratejoy.

Cratejoy pays for your box to be promoted through affiliate partnerships. There is no additional cost to your business!

Affiliates learn of promotional opportunities through regular newsletters sent by Cratejoy’s Affiliate Manager. These newsletters go out to all affiliates or they are targeted by specific merchandising segments. When you, the seller, opt in to a sale, the details of the sale are then shared to affiliates for inclusion in their content and promotions.

Affiliates are often responsible for helping to introduce new customers to your products!

Cratejoy’s Affiliate Manager acts as an intermediary between affiliates, Cratejoy and you. Oftentimes, affiliates want to try out products before they include them in promotions or they want a vanity code to share with their audience. Cratejoy’s Affiliate Manager vets these requests and works with Cratejoy’s seller team to make sure that everything is in smooth working order for the best possible customer experience.

One of the biggest benefits of Cratejoy’s Affiliate Program is that our team does the work of vetting the affiliates for you! 

Cratejoy Affiliate Program Benefits

Simply put, affiliates spread the word about your products and introduce you to their audience base! Affiliates are an excellent way to market your subscriptions without spending a ton of money.

Because Cratejoy owns the affiliate program, we are responsible for paying out commissions to affiliates who drive sales to us and you.

Benefits of Cratejoy’s Affiliate Program: 

  • No cost to you besides the fees you pay Cratejoy as a seller
    • From time-to-time we may ask you to send a box or provide a discount for a qualified affiliate. This is completely optional! 
  • No need to vet affiliates – our Affiliate Manager does this for you! 
  • Your products get introduced & surfaced to new audiences
  • Affiliates have a built in consumer base that trusts and listens to their recommendations 

Sellers who are listed in the Cratejoy marketplace and who have high-quality listings are more likely to see sales through affiliates, so it’s important to ensure you have up to date, accurate information and are offering a great experience.

Affiliates often cover the following topics in their promotions and reviews:

  • Their overall experience
  • Customer service experience
  • Product quality
  • Shipping experience

While you may occasionally be asked for a discount or for a box to send to a qualified affiliate, there are no additional costs beyond your Cratejoy fees to be a part of affiliate promotions.

How Affiliate Works on Cratejoy 

Affiliates earn commission on sales they drive to Cratejoy — and thus your subscription boxes — once a purchase is made. These are non-recurring commissions. These fees are covered by Cratejoy as a benefit of your membership on the Cratejoy marketplace.

Affiliates join the Cratejoy program through the ShareASale network. Both ShareASale and the Cratejoy Affiliate Manager vet affiliates for: 

  • Viability
  • Fraud
  • Quality 
  • Compliance

When affiliates join the Cratejoy program, they are further verified for:

  • Relevant content
  • Live websites
  • Proper FTC disclosure 
  • General compliance with Cratejoy’s terms 

Affiliates earn 10% on their sales with a 60 day tracking cookie, which means from the first click on the affiliate link, buyers have 60 days to make a purchase for which the appropriate affiliate would be credited.

Through the Cratejoy Affiliate Program, we are able to identify high-converting content creators and partner with them to feature subscriptions (your products!) relevant to their audiences. 

Partners include (but are not limited to!):

  • Media giants
    • Buzzfeed
    • CNET
    • theSkimm
  • Review sites
    • My Subscription Addiction
    • Hello Subscription
    • The Pink Envelope
  • Niche bloggers
    • Snacknation
    • Dwell in Magic
    • The Budget Savvy Bride
    • EatPicks
    • And more!

We are also regularly recruiting new affiliates to join the program and educating them on how to be excellent affiliates.

How to Participate in Cratejoy’s Affiliate Program

So how do you join Cratejoy’s Affiliate Program?

Great news – you’re already in it! Your store is automatically included in the affiliate program as part of being a Cratejoy Marketplace Seller.

As we mentioned above: the best way to get included in affiliate marketing opportunities is by creating and maintaining excellent Cratejoy Marketplace listings. Use this guide to evaluate your listings and make improvements: Cratejoy’s Listing Quality Guide

While we can’t guarantee affiliate opportunities, following this guide and staying up-to-date on Cratejoy advice:

These are the best ways to increase your chances of being featured in Cratejoy collections, affiliate promotions, and, in general, increasing your sales/conversion rate. (Win-win-win!)

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