How to Gather Feedback from Your Subscribers

You might think that your job ends for the month when boxes ship out. But if you move right onto working on next month’s box, you’re missing an opportunity to get helpful feedback from your subscribers.

This feedback is an excellent resource – perhaps your most important resource – to grow your business. Without it, you’ll have a much harder time reflecting on your progress and ways to improve your service. In short, subscriber feedback is invaluable. Here’s how to get that feedback with Cratejoy.

In-depth vs. Continuous Feedback

There are a couple of types of product feedback that you can collect. The more involved the feedback, the less frequently you want to collect it. The key here is striking a balance between collecting necessary information and exhausting your customers.

Continuous feedback is great for collecting feedback attributed to specific shipments. For instance, by sending out a simple, one-question survey following each shipment, you can identify issues pertaining to a particular month’s experience. Using that feedback over time helps you identify trends to improve your customer experience.

Furthermore, in-depth feedback allows you to take particular trends and investigate them more explicitly. With a subscriber survey, you have an opportunity to improve all facets of the business including product quality, packaging, and customer service – just to name a few.

Continuous Feedback

Cratejoy enables you to collect continuous feedback extremely easily. With every shipment, your subscribers receive an email asking for their 1-5 star rating of that particular order and a verbal response to detail their reasons for that rating. Cratejoy’s Product Feedback feature, by default, will send these emails 7 days after a shipment is marked as shipped.

If you’re managing your subscription box outside of Cratejoy, then definitely explore what options you have for collecting product feedback. MailChimp, with the ability to easily segment subscribers, is one alternative that can work well.

Your ultimate responsibility is to interpret and utilize the subscriber’s detailed comments to shape future decisions regarding your product and overall customer experience.

Read – and Take Notes

If you’re going to make use of product feedback, the first step is to read it. Yes, I mean the negative responses too. Especially the negative responses.

Identify and Isolate Trends

Subscribers will have disparate experiences and therefore very different feedback. Wade through all of it to pick out what you’re hearing a lot… or, as painful as it might be, what you find embarrassing and don’t want to repeat.


Using Cratejoy, you can export your product feedback to easily digest the responses for a given time period. If you’re using MailChimp or another provider to email surveys, you’ll want to compile survey results for the time period you want to examine.

Want to learn how to create a survey for your subscribers?

Read our step-by-step guide to build a detailed survey using the most popular platforms.

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