Don’t Ignore Customers Who Cancel

I was just about to cancel my Hulu Plus subscription the other day – I noticed I wasn’t using it as much as I used to. I clicked the cancel subscription button and was immediately taken to a new page.

“We’re sorry to see you go, but would you consider keeping your subscription and get a free month on us?”

A whole free month!? I started thinking about why I got Hulu Plus in the first place: “You know, I really do like having it, and a free month is a huge bonus.”

I kept it.

One of the worst things you can do for customers that cancel is just watching them walk away. Try to stop them! Learn from them! Here are a few things you can do to either gain back a customer or learn from your mistakes.

Free Offer

A free month is the most cut and dry offer. It’s easy to understand. You’re offering them something that they’ve paid for in the past, so why wouldn’t they want a free month?

Try It Again Discount

Sure, they’ve canceled; that doesn’t mean you ignore them forever. Send them an email offering them a discount if they renew their subscription.


Find out why they canceled in the first place. This might not help you get the customer back but it will help you with customers in the future. How was your customer service throughout their subscription? What did they think about the products they received? What about price? Answers to these questions will make a huge difference in understanding your customers.

Don’t Be Last Minute

When your customer finally decides to cancel, it probably was a long time coming. After a few months of debating, they finally canceled their account. What you want to do is be one step ahead. Check in with your customers before they cancel. How is it going? Are they happy with their product? Would they recommend this subscription to a friend? The last question is a pretty big indicator of whether or not they’re actually happy with you.

I have said it once and I will say it again; it is the little things you do that add up. Don’t ignore your customers that leave you – learn from them and try to get them back!

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