Cratejoy’s Add-Ons/Up-Sell Feature Update

We’re thrilled to share that our top-requested Add-Ons feature (also known as “up-selling”), has been helping our merchants drive additional revenue since its launch in September of 2017! The feature is free to use and available in the Cratejoy app store.

So…what exactly is the Add-Ons/Up-Selling feature?

With this feature, you can increase your revenue through offering subscribers one-time products to include in their first shipment. Think of it as an easy way to offload excess inventory (e.g. previous months’ boxes) and/or enhance your subscription box’s experience with relevant accessories that go with your main subscription product. For example, perhaps your eco-friendly beauty box includes a long-lasting eyeliner — you could offer makeup wipes as an add-on product option! Read more FAQs here.

Top Merchants love add-ons

Check out how some of our top Cratejoy merchants have benefitted from installing add-ons:

“I am your biggest fan of the up-sell feature, I seriously think it is AMAZING and makes selling one-time products so much easier! I had my developer kind of hack together an upsell feature for me when I first launched, way before your official feature was released, but Cratejoy’s is so much easier to use. I love having it available for my customers.” – Jessica, All Girl Shave Club

“The add-on feature has definitely been very helpful in increasing revenue! A lot of my one time products are selling well because of it. In terms of subscriber growth, we started with 150 subscribers just 8 months ago and have grown to 1300 thanks to the help of the Cratejoy team! It’s been an incredible journey and we’re excited for what 2018 holds!” – Ting Ting, TheraBox

“Having Add-Ons as a feature has helped my business quite a bit! It’s clearing out our past boxes and is making it possible for customers to enjoy a box right away rather than have to wait an entire month for their first subscription box to arrive. Our past box sales have doubled since installing the add-on feature, and it’s made such a difference with customer reactions to our boxes since they’re able to receive something almost immediately.” – Michelle, Once Upon a Book Club

“Since we implemented the add-ons page in mid-September, we have seen over $2,000 in up-sell revenue. About 1 in every 5 new subscriptions has purchased an add-on item, which is a great revenue and LTV growth metric. The average increase in order size equates to almost $58 per customer who purchased an add-on item.” – Kevin, Southern Scholar Socks

Ready to add Add-Ons to your store? (It’s free!)

Visit the App Store page in your merchant portal to download. Need help installing and configuring the app? Read and follow the instructions in this help doc.

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