Startup costs can vary widely and will include fixed monthly costs that continue for the life of your business. To help with your estimations, we've created this calculator to better plan the launch of your business before you've collected any revenue.


These expenses are mostly unavoidable. You'll want to get these as soon as you choose your name to protect your idea and look professional to customers and partners.

You'll need to purchase your domain name through a registrar like, Namecheap or Prices can range, but a .com is normally costs about $10. You could also purchase an alternative to .com, like .supplies, .jewelry, or .rocks.
Using Google Apps allows you to use your Gmail inbox for your business (ie., and comes with several free web tools, like Docs and Sheets, where you can work and collaborate with team members. $5/month/user = $60 for first year.

Business Launch Costs

These costs will come when you’re ready to start launching your business.

(one time)
In order to open a bank account, you’ll need to register your business and bring articles of incorporation to your financial institution.
(one time)
Services like Launchrock, Instapage, Unbounce, and Landerapp can be used for early-stage lead generation. Read more about prelaunching. Costs are generally about $10/mo.
(one time)

Custom boxes make your brand stand out and improve customer experience. Find a list of top rated manufacturers here.

  • Printing Plate: $1000 per color
  • Cutting Die: $500-700 (You can avoid this expense by using a stock box size)
  • First order: # of boxes x price. 1000 x ~$1.25

Note: These costs are for a small order using flexographic printing. You can use digital printing at much smaller quantities, though boxes cost closer to $3-$5/box.

(one time)
We recommend building in at least $250 for a few hours of developer and/or designer support.

Fixed Monthly Costs

Use the total from this section to accurately predict monthly expenses in your pricing strategy.

Cratejoy makes it easy to start a subscription business, hosting web design, subscription management, and renewals all on one platform.

Free for 2000 subscribers. $20/month for cheapest plan.

Mailchimp integrates with Cratejoy and makes email marketing a breeze.

Zendesk, Help Scout and other customer service platforms help you respond to customers faster and more efficiently.
Accounting software like Xero connects to your bank account to make accounting a breeze. Generate invoices, reports, and reconcile all your transactions by month and vendor.

What about products, shipping, packing material and other expenses? You'll pay those with the revenue you acquire during your launch. Watch how we suggest you launch a subscription business.

Your first year startup costs will be about